Restore & Recovery

Our bodies are communicating with us all the time, showing us how we are and what we need. This is a quality we are all born with and over the years many of us have gotten into the habit of tuning out of these messages or do not trust what we inherently know.

Instead, we have become reliant on the other the external, which may or may not be in alignment with what is best for us right now and at worst is detrimental to our health and wellbeing. Potentially leading to actions that deplete us physically, mentally, emotionally or all three.

This tuning out from self can leave many feeling lost or mistrustful of our own sense of self and judgement, even though we know who we are and what we need better than anyone else.

It is never too late to turn this around. When you are ready to change your experience or make a change in your life, the journey starts with you. Once you are able to recover your sense of self and tune in, everything begins to make sense and fall into place. You choose to reconnect with your passions and feel more energised. If you are feeling disconnected from yourself or struggling physically, mentally or emotionally – take some time to ask yourself the following questions:

When was the last time you were in tune and felt connected to your sense of self?

When did you lose it?

What does sense of self mean to you and how do you nurture it?

Answering these questions may be difficult and can take some time. If you would like to discuss your life changes with a professional or are in need of advice please feel free to book in a no obligatory, free 30 minute discovery call with one of our accredited practitioners.

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